Tyler thinks it was a wise decision to exchange three and a half gallons of a stranger's blood for his HIAH membership. He hails from the purlieus of Pittsburgh, PA, and paddled his way to Chicago in 2013. Educational achievements include a BA in Acting (wow!) from Columbia College Chicago and a stint at Rose Bruford College in England (wow, guvna!).

Tyler has the artistic integrity of an unvaccinated child that has gone rogue inside of a Party City. He was once told by Uta Hagen that, “Microwaves aren’t sincere.” Tyler recently wrapped a run of his self-brewed solo show Out, Darn Spot! at the 31st Annual Rhino Fest at Prop Thtr, in which he plays Lady Marcia Macbeth hosting a television show for homemakers in the late 1960s. Other full-length works birthed from his own volition include Mein Comps (Adolf Hitler selling discounted theatre tickets), as well as a short play called Sit on My Face, Eddie Redmayne. Tyler pops up around Chicago from time to time in theatrical productions that don't demand big wigs. He just simply loathed working with cardboard cutouts of Olivia Colman and Meg Ryan on a community theater production of Man of La Mancha. Tyler is unrepresented by all talent agencies! IG:@judithnightlight


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